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Forensic blog

  • Senate inquiry into foreign bribery is welcome news

    by David Lehmann | Jul 02, 2015
    In recent weeks, the press has shone a big spot light on corruption issues. It makes for interesting reading and affirms how pervasive and cross jurisdictional corruption is in our global society. While Australians are generally compelled by the ethos of a ‘fair go’ for everyone, bribery and corruption does the opposite. It is in this context that last week’s announcement that the Australian Senate will hold an inquiry into foreign bribery is a much welcomed development.
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  • IP Theft in the spotlight: The prosecution of an ex-Goldman Sachs programmer over stolen source code (and avocado-related controversies)

    by Bill Psaros | May 19, 2015
    A peculiar case relating to IP theft arose last week: Wall Street programmer Sergey Aleynikov was convicted of stealing proprietary source code from his former employer, Goldman Sachs, under corporate espionage laws. It’s an unusual case because of controversial criminal charges levelled at Aleynikov in what would normally amount to a civil dispute, shining a spotlight on the issues around IP theft.
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  • A risk-based approach: how due diligence can mitigate fraud being committed in your organisation

    by Ben Mahler | May 01, 2015
    Are P’s (i.e. Passes) no longer the only way to get your degrees? Recent press coverage has discussed the ease by which people can procure fake degree certificates, supposedly from a number of leading Australian universities, and use them to obtain employment. This isn’t a new phenomenon, with many cases around the world, but the most recent scam appears more sophisticated than usual.
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  • What’s the difference between White Collar Crime and Corporate Crime? Does your control environment account for both?

    by Matthew John Lim | Mar 23, 2015
    At KordaMentha Forensic, we are experienced in reviewing and implementing detection and preventive systems to protect organisations from both White Collar Crime and Corporate Crime. It is a common misconception that White Collar Crime and Corporate Crime are the same, but the element that distinguishes the two is who the benefits relate to. Although both forms of crimes are technically carried out by individuals, the intentions are starkly different. With a better understanding of the difference between the two, corporations can be better equipped to minimise or prevent the negative consequences associated with these crimes.
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  • A typo which engineered the collapse of a company: a costly lesson for taxpayers

    by Nelvin Tam | Feb 20, 2015
    At KordaMentha Forensic, we are frequently asked to reconstruct corporate structures and flows of funds as part of forensic accounting investigations. This requires us to use publicly available information (such as ASIC company searches) to ascertain the ownership of companies, trusts and their related parties. Differentiating between entities with very similar names and attention to details is important, particularly to identify any possible ‘phoenix’ companies, which may acquire the assets of a company in liquidation. As this case demonstrates, mistaking one company as another could potentially have dire consequences!
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