KordaMentha KordaMentha is an Australian advisory and investment firm that provides specialist forensic, real estate, turnaround / restructuring and investment management services. The business was formed in April 2002 by Mark Korda and Mark Mentha. Located at
Level 24, 333 Collins Street, Victoria, Australia.
Phone: +61 3 8623 3333

Forensic blog

  • KordaMentha Forensic’s Book Launch - Expert Evidence: Recent Cases

    by Bill Psaros | Aug 15, 2014
    Over the last year, staff at KordaMentha Forensic reviewed around 1,000 recent cases from the Australian courts relating to principles of expert evidence and emerging trends in this area of the law. Of these, the 30 most interesting were selected to form the basis of 'Expert Evidence: Recent Cases', a recent hard-cover publication of KordaMentha Forensic.
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  • The role of relationship mapping software in the Boston Marathon bombings investigation

    by Bill Psaros | Jan 31, 2014
    One of the tools KordaMentha Forensic uses in investigations and dispute work is a relationship mapping program which can visually represent large amounts of data, making it easier to identify key links and trends. At a recent conference, Major Dermot Quinn of the Massachusetts State Police discussed his team's use of the software in the months following the Boston Marathon bombings.
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  • Bitcoin Goldrush leads to virtual Ponzi scheme

    by Sally Davitt | Dec 05, 2013
    Bitcoin is the new gold. The price of one Bitcoin has reached over US$1,000, and with prices skyrocketing in this virtual currency, there are now many online ‘exchanges’ and ‘banks’ set up to store Bitcoins for users.
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  • Law firms and data analytics = A competitive advantage?

    by Ericsson Leung | Sep 23, 2013
    We have all heard about the hype of ‘Big Data’. Retailers like eBay and Amazon analyse your shopping behaviour and try to predict your next likely purchase. You can see this in the ‘Recommended for you’ section on websites.
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  • Dirty money: the omnipresent risk of bribery

    by Nelvin Tam | Aug 01, 2013
    Transparency International recently released the results of its 2013 Global Corruption Barometer survey. The survey gathers views on corruption, encompassing results from over 114,000 respondents in 107 countries. Respondents were asked a series of questions in relation to their experience of bribery and corruption in the past year across eight different services. Some interesting findings for Australia, but let’s consider the international context first.
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