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Mark Uebergang writes on 'The GFC and the Z-Score' in the Australian Insolvency Journal

In this month's issue of the Australian Insolvency Journal, KordaMentha Executive Director Mark Uebergang, writes of how he bench tested the Altman Z-Score to assess its accuracy during the Global Financial Crisis, a period of unprecedented financial turmoil.

Over the years there have been a number of bankruptcy prediction models developed to help creditors evaluate the likelihood that a firm will experience an insolvency event. However, one of the first and perhaps the best known of all remains the model developed by Ed Altman in 1968, commonly known as the Altman Z-Score. 


Read Mark's analysis of 'The GFC and the Z-Score' as featured in the September issue of the Australian Insolvency Journal, (2013) 25(3) A Insol J 24.

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