The Asia-Pacific region has become a focus for international crime syndicates and State actors that are committing sustained, sophisticated cyber attacks.

Often those attacks involve a computer device being used to unlawfully gain access to sensitive business information or commit fraud, sometimes assisted by a stakeholder within the organisation.

We are market leaders in responding to and investigating these attacks and helping our clients to protect their critical data and assets.

Our team of seasoned cybersecurity professionals regularly provide advice about the adequacy of cyber risk mitigation strategies and the cyber resilience of an organisation. In the event of a cyber attack, clients rely on us to help them respond quickly and effectively.

How we can help

Our specialists are well-versed in designing and implementing time-critical cyber breach responses, particularly focused on remediation and investigation services.

Risk assessment and control improvements

We help clients proactively address cybersecurity risks through data management and IT systems reviews and education and awareness training. Incident preparedness and knowing how to respond effectively are key to minimising financial and reputational loss should an incident occur.
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Incident response investigations

We conduct detailed, thorough investigations to help clients understand the incident’s lifecycle, contributing factors and impacts. We isolate the infection or attack and develop a remediation plan to restore critical data and enable the resumption of business operations.
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Forensic data collection and security

Our data collection and preservation experts follow strict chain-of-custody protocols aligned with best practice guidelines. We utilise industry-leading, fast and secure SaaS-based document management platforms for data review and analysis. Data remains protected by our secure, swipe-access, independently accredited facilities.
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Financial loss quantification

Our forensic accounting specialists can be appointed to quantify financial loss resulting from a cyber attack or network interruption. Our cyber specialists can help identify and develop key financial information suitable to be used in the submission of damages measurement.
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Our experience

We have been involved in some of the highest-profile matters and are recognised as leading experts in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. To see a small sample of our work, visit our experience page.

Ransomware attack recovery

Our client suffered a significant ransomware attack and engaged KordaMentha to assist their internal IT team with initial incident management and investigation. Preliminary analysis identified that the attack vector was still active. We were immediately able to secure the network and data from further compromise.

We worked with our client to recover encrypted and deleted data, ensuring business continuity, and provided advice around key risks to the client’s IT set-up, focussing on cyber resilience.