Managing risk and resolving incidents

The Asia-Pacific region has become a focus for international crime syndicates and State actors that are committing sustained, sophisticated cyber attacks.

Often those attacks involve a computer device being used to unlawfully gain access to sensitive business information or commit fraud, sometimes assisted by a stakeholder within the organisation.

We are market leaders in responding to and investigating these attacks and helping our clients to protect their critical data and assets.

Our team of seasoned cybersecurity professionals regularly provide advice about the adequacy of cyber risk mitigation strategies and the cyber resilience of an organisation. In the event of a cyber attack, clients rely on us to help them respond quickly and effectively.

How we can help

Our specialists are well-versed in designing and implementing time-critical cyber breach responses, particularly focused on remediation and investigation services.

Managing risk
We understand organisational cyber risk relating to information, people, process and technology. We help clients proactively manage their cybersecurity risk and meet security compliance obligations.
Security risk, maturity and compliance assessments
We provide a holistic cybersecurity assessment against risk or industry-leading security standards to verify the posture and risk exposure and ensure that improvements needed to safeguard data are clearly defined and aligned to the organisation’s target state.
Cybersecurity strategy, governance and advisory
We work with organisations to implement evidence-based security roadmaps to achieve their target cybersecurity posture. KordaMentha develops cyber strategy, operating models and compliance management programs. We also collaborate with clients to manage their organisation’s cybersecurity risk and program.
Cybersecurity training
Employees play a critical role in an organisation’s cybersecurity defence. It is vital that people within the organisation are educated and confident when it comes to cybersecurity. We help clients prepare for critical incidents and educate them on how to respond effectively, should one occur.
Incident response

Our experienced incident response professionals assist with risk review, development of a crisis management plan and a robust incident response service.

Incident response planning

KordaMentha develops proactive incident response programs that position an organisation to effectively manage a cybersecurity breach. We review existing incident response policies, plans and playbooks, and conduct interviews with relevant stakeholders. This allows us to understand the organisation’s people, processes and technology, and develop a program that prepares the organisation for cybersecurity incidents.

Incident response
Our rapid response immediately contains an incident, identifying the point of breach and working with clients to ensure the vulnerability is remedied. We help clients understand the incident’s lifecycle, focusing on initial control weakness that facilitated the incident through to the trail of compromised systems and data.
Expert Reporting, litigation support, eDiscovery and financial loss
With our extensive in-court experience, we understand the risk and pain points in managing incident response investigations from data collections through to formal reporting or financial loss quantification.