Data analytics

It all begins with data.

Using sophisticated data technology, visualisations and algorithms, our specialists can easily access and perceive patterns within both unstructured data, such as words and communications in social media posts or emails, as well as structured data, such as the numbers on a spreadsheet or commercial operational data. Whether it be for commercial advancement or legal proceedings, we identify critical revelations and transform data into a valuable asset.

Our visual dashboards and tools make vast and disparate data sets more usable and insightful, empowering our clients to analyse their own data over time. We demystify the data, enable dynamic future projections and transform the insights into meaningful action and growth.

Who are we?

We analyse, clarify and interpret critical information from large amounts of assorted electronic data using leading analytic technologies and processes.

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How we can help

Our data analytics specialists leverage a collection of powerful tools, helping organisations to generate increased business value and drive deeper business insights.

Cost quantification and modelling

Applying a forensic methodology to data analytics, we ensure results and quantifications can always be traced back to the source file or data set at a row level, allowing for complete traceability and defensibility.
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Data exploration and preparation

Our data analytics experts utilise industry-leading tools to sort through complex data sets. We collate, combine, analyse and verify often large or disparate data to produce deep and transparent insights.
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Visualisation and self-service dashboarding

We develop interactive, visual data dashboards to unlock insights from large and complex data sets. Through our secure cloud-based data portal, clients can access their data anytime and from anywhere to undertake their own visual based data analytics.
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Our experience

We have been involved in some of the highest profile matters and are recognised as leading experts in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. To see a small sample of our work, visit our experience page.

Analytics supports negotiations

Faced with proposed wage negotiation terms for 6,500 employees across 35 EAs, we worked with the Administrator for Arrium Australia to develop an employee wage model. We analysed the complexities of the agreements in place and developed a payroll simulation model that calculated entitlements dynamically at any specified point in time.

The model also facilitated scenario-based adjustments and variations. Utilising the model outputs, the Administrator was able to work collaboratively with Arrium’s Whyalla-based employees and quantified EA variations. This resulted in employees voting for a 10% wage reduction and a four-year EA. Critically, this provided a stable industrial relations platform and demonstrated employees’ personal commitment to the continuity of the business.