Digital forensics

We are specialists in identifying, preserving, analysing and managing electronically stored information for use in any investigation or dispute proceeding.

This encompasses data capture, digital information analysis and electronic document processing. We obtain digital evidence from a wide range of sources - from smartphones, tablets, laptops and servers to cloud-based virtual servers, CCTV video and multifunction scanners. Our experts recover communications from traditional sources, such as mail servers and computer stored email, as well as more obscure locations, such as web mail, instant messenger chats and smartphone email apps.

How we can help

We are one of the largest groups of forensic technology and discovery specialists in the Asia-Pacific region. Partnering with leading forensic technology software providers and leveraging our ASIC-endorsed secure evidence storage in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth, we offer market-leading digital forensic solutions.

Digital espionage

Our experts regularly support investigations involving intellectual property infringement and theft and misuse of, or unauthorised access to, computing or internet resources. This includes, but is not limited to, departure checks of high-risk, high-care individuals.
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Search orders

Our large, national team has extensive experience in planning and participating in search orders to capture electronic evidence.
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Our experience

We have been involved in some of the highest profile matters and are recognised as leading experts in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. To see a small sample of our work, visit our experience page.

Conflict of interest investigation

Our client received allegations of a conflict of interest in the awarding of contracts on several multi-million-dollar infrastructure projects. The allegations were made against key project personnel and presented significant financial, operational and reputational risks.

Our forensic technology, forensic accounting and investigations specialists conducted a detailed analysis of over 450,000 emails and business records concerning the award of the contracts, expense claims and travel movements of the persons of interest. We developed a detailed chronology of critical events, incorporating supporting documents, and presented our findings in a final, detailed report.