Cyber forensic, digital forensic and forensic discovery

Electronic documents, email and message communications can be vital evidence in investigations and disputes.

Our forensic technology team are specialists  in identifying, preserving, analysing and managing electronically stored information.

This information can be used in investigations or proceedings including discovery/disclosure, cyber breaches, departure checks and expert reports.


Who are we?

Our experts are regularly called on to provide evidence in high-profile disputes and investigations.

Meet our experts

We are one of Asia-Pacific’s largest forensic technology and discovery specialists, with ASIC-endorsed secure evidence storage in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. We partner with leading forensic technology software providers, and continually try new approaches.

Our experts operate in compliance with industry best practice guidelines and a number of our experts also possess current Australian Government security clearance.


Cyber forensic: managing data risks for your organisation 

The Asia-Pacific region has become a focus for international crime syndicates that are committing sustained, sophisticated cyber-attacks. Often those attacks involve a computer device being used to unlawfully gain access to sensitive business information or commit fraud, sometimes assisted by a malicious insider in the organisation.

We are market leaders in responding to and investigating these attacks, and helping our clients to protect their critical data and assets.

Our team of seasoned IT security professionals regularly:

  • help organisations react to cyber incidents
  • provide advice about the adequacy of cyber mitigation strategies
  • provide advice on the overall cyber resilience of an organisation.

Digital forensic: capturing electronic evidence

Our digital forensic team can uncover, analyse and recover digital evidence from a wide range of sources - from smartphones, tablets, laptops and servers, to cloud based virtual servers, CCTV video and multifunction scanners. We can recover communications from traditional sources such as Mail Servers and computer stored email as well as more obscure locations, such as web mail, instant messenger chats and smartphone email apps.

We regularly act as IT expert witnesses in court, and our work supports litigation, corporate and regulatory investigations involving:

  • intellectual property (IP) infringement and theft
  • corporate fraud and financial crime
  • contractual disputes
  • defamation and harassment
  • identity theft
  • misuse or unauthorised access to computing or Internet resources.

Forensic discovery: managing electronic evidence

Our Discovery, or eDiscovery, team supports clients in managing the discovery and production of electronic documents to support litigation, corporate and regulatory actions.

Our experts deliver effective discovery advice and solutions, including early case assessment, to significantly reduce the time and cost traditionally associated with discovery. 

We are at the forefront of Technology Assisted Review (‘TAR’), including predictive coding, and drive the use of this technology, where appropriate, in our engagements to reduce costs and increase efficiencies.

We operate in compliance with relevant Court Practice Guidelines and Protocols, including Practice Note CM 6 in the Federal Court of Australia and Practice Direction 3 in the Supreme Court of Singapore.

KordaMentha offers the choice of the most secure cloud-based platforms available in Australia with RelativityOne and Nuix Discover for integrated processing, analysis, review and production of electronic documents via a secure web-based interface.