Fraud, corruption and investigations

Our team of investigators and forensic accountants determine facts around suspected fraud, misconduct or regulatory breaches.

We bring a wealth of experience from roles in corporate, consulting, regulatory and law enforcement.

Coupled with our extensive experience across multiple industries and jurisdictions, we are able to deliver a comprehensive suite of investigation and risk management services.

Members of our team are trained in advanced interviewing techniques such as Scientific Content Analysis and hold relevant licences (such as the Commercial and Private Inquiry Agents licence for NSW) and certifications, including Certificate IV up to Diploma in Government Investigations.


Who are we?

Our experts are regularly called on to provide evidence in high-profile disputes and investigations.

Meet our experts

Proactive services

We help clients mitigate against fraud, corruption and foreign bribery risk by conducting reviews of existing policies, procedures and the internal control and governance environment and providing recommendations on how they may be improved to bring them into line with best practice. We can also help design control and governance frameworks and all associated documentation if required. 

Our specialists can also design interactive workshops for clients and their staff to identify critical fraud, corruption and foreign bribery risks. These workshops double as awareness training and provide useful insights into the key risks of the organisation. 

We also provide training on investigation management, interviewing techniques and evidence collection to clients who want to upskill their in-house investigative capabilities.

Typically, our team of investigators and forensic accountants provide the following services:  

  • fraud, corruption and foreign bribery reviews 
  • fraud, corruption and foreign bribery awareness training 
  • control environment reviews 
  • implementation of controls and governance frameworks 
  • interview techniques training 
  • investigation management and evidence collation training 
  • fraud and misconduct investigations. 

Reactive services

We assist clients to respond quickly and discreetly to allegations of misconduct, to secure evidence in a forensically sound manner and to implement strategies to maximise the investigative outcome. We are typically engaged to conduct independent investigations into allegations of fraud, corruption, foreign bribery, bullying and harassment, theft of assets (including intellectual property) and other code of conduct breaches. Our team work with clients to ensure business continuity during the investigation and to complete the engagement in a timely and cost-effective manner.

As a group, we have extensive experience in the compilation of briefs of evidence for referral to applicable law enforcement and regulatory organisations, as well as expert reports or affidavits for civil and criminal proceedings.

Our experience includes investigating: 

  • fraud and accounting manipulation 
  • employee and vendor misconduct 
  • foreign bribery and corruption 
  • breaches of internal codes of conduct and policies, including bullying and harassment 
  • theft of assets, intellectual property and confidential information 
  • allegations of market misconduct and regulatory breaches. 

In addition, we are often engaged to assist and advise clients, along with legal advisers, who are the subject of actual or potential investigations by regulatory bodies including ASIC, ACCC, US Department of Justice and SEC. 

Our engagements typically involve the following range of investigation services:

  • identifying, securing and analysing key documents and data in a forensically sound manner 
  • interviewing key individuals 
  • asset tracing and assisting in the recovery of assets and funds 
  • quantifying losses caused by fraud 
  • reconstructing financial records 
  • liaising with law enforcement and regulatory agencies 
  • preparing briefs of evidence, expert reports or affidavits for civil and criminal proceedings.