Forensic Technology

We provide a comprehensive computer forensics service, encompassing data capture and collection, digital information analysis and electronic document processing.

Supporting our forensic accountants and investigators, we employ sophisticated software and technology tools that recover overwritten or deleted files and allow us to review, match and examine vast amounts of electronic financial and non-financial data.

Our experienced digital incident response professionals assist with risk reviews, crisis management planning and a robust incident response service. Our investigations and digital forensics and recovery experts help clients mitigate risks, understand what happened, secure evidence and support internal, legal, regulatory and law enforcement enquiries.

With a reputation for rigourous investigations and the credibility of our expert evidence, our approach ensures our work is defensible and can withstand scrutiny in any proceeding, whether civil or criminal.

How we can help

Our forensic technology professionals advise clients on best practices at the onset of an investigation and employ efficient procedures to gather information in a manner that avoids spoilation, uncovers responsive data and preserves relevant evidence.

Cyber and digital forensics

We are specialists in identifying, preserving, analysing and managing electronically stored information. Using cutting edge technology and rigorous forensic processes, we uncover, analyse and clarify the facts by blending and visualising data sets, driving commercially focussed decision making. Our cybersecurity professionals help organisations react to cyber incidents and provide advice about the adequacy of cyber risk mitigation strategies.

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Our eDiscovery specialists support clients in managing the discovery and production of electronic documents to support litigation, corporate and regulatory actions.

We help clients close the gap between the ‘out of the box’ value of eDiscovery platforms and the potential value that is available. Whether through implementation support or proprietary services, we use secure, cloud-based eDiscovery platforms to extract commercial insights, eliminate extraneous detail and identify vital evidence with speed and efficiency.

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Data analytics

Data analytics is a collection of powerful tools for organisations to generate increased business value and drive deeper business insights. Leveraging sophisticated technology and algorithms, we demystify data, enable dynamic future projections and assist to transform the insights into meaningful action and growth. Our custom dashboards, easy-to-use software and ongoing data visualisation tools empower client-lead data management and reporting.

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Our experience

We have been involved in some of the highest profile matters and are recognised as leading experts in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. To see a small sample of our work, visit our experience page.

Digital evidence collection

We assisted with an internal investigation relating to fraudulent payments made by staff at various branches.

Our Forensic Technology team assisted with digital evidence collection during concurrent search order executions at multiple sites in country NSW and QLD. Information was gathered from devices and forensically imaged at the sites. Our client successfully prosecuted the fraudulent staff members, resolving the matter with a positive outcome for the client.