Performance Improvement

We bring a different mindset to solving complex commercial issues.

Boards and management teams rely on us to improve performance through addressing their most pressing financial, commercial and operational issues. We act for private and public sector organisations that are navigating serious challenges where significant financial, operational or reputational value is at risk. We work with organisations looking to improve their current performance or undertake an end-to-end turnaround.

Our team are experts in understanding multi-dimensional issues and working with diverse stakeholder groups on projects that are time-sensitive and critical to the ongoing success of the organisation.

Who are we?

We are a senior, experienced group who bring a different mindset to solving complex commercial issues.

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How we can help

We work with clients who are genuinely motivated to change and do things differently. They hold us to high standards, expect results and are actively engaged in the implementation with us.

Cost out and control

When faced with complex financial and operational challenges, organisations often need rapid, ambitious reduction and control of their cost base.

Organisational leaders and owners turn to us to help them deliver material and sustained performance improvement. We assist with making the hard decisions fast, but also thinking strategically about how to reposition as a financially viable organisation into the future.

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Revenue protection and growth

When repositioning an organisation that is facing significant market headwinds or structural change, it is critical to do so with a view to protect and grow revenue from core customers.

We work alongside our clients to deliver the projects that will protect and grow revenue streams that are critical to the ongoing success of the organisation.

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People and organisation redesign

An effective organisation framework is imperative for ongoing success.

We help our clients implement decisive changes to the organisational structure and human resource practices to ensure substantive change. This may include strategic industrial relations advice and implementation support to mitigate the possibility of industrial unrest and ensure the business is set up for sustained success.

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Complex project support

Finding the time, resources, and capability to execute high-value projects on top of business-as-usual activities can be challenging.

In these situations, clients trust us to work with their operational and finance teams to assist with their most challenging commercial issues. Clients value our rigour, impartiality and independence which removes emotion and delivers the best outcomes.

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Interim and crisis management

A special type of leader is required in environments of significant change and uncertainty. Leaders need to prioritise the urgent and important, develop and communicate a change agenda to build confidence, and delicately manage various stakeholder interests.

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Our experience

We solve strategic, financial, commercial and operational problems often considered by insiders to be too difficult to tackle, let alone fix. Inevitably, these issues must be addressed if the organisation is to move forward. Our experience makes KordaMentha a valuable partner during these challenging times.