We explore all avenues for clients to protect and recover value.

Companies in financial distress engage KordaMentha to urgently restructure and stabilise their businesses, protecting not only monetary value at risk but also their reputation and social licence, and those of their key stakeholders. Whether through independent business reviews, cash flow monitoring and forecasting, restructuring, financial and strategic advisory or a formal insolvency appointment, we plan and implement the most appropriate solutions for our clients and their stakeholders.

Organisations rely on us to solve their most pressing transactional and commercial challenges and provide stability at the most critical times. We work with company directors, lenders, shareholders, employees and other creditors to protect and recover value, providing direction in times of crisis. Looking beyond the numbers, we consider how our actions affect people’s lives and communities. Taking bold and creative steps, our specialists achieve the best results for all stakeholders, no matter the complexity.

Our Restructuring group has been entrusted with many of Asia-Pacific’s most complex corporate restructures and formal insolvency engagements, including Network Ten, Arrium, Gunns, Timbercorp, Forge, Noble Group, Sydney Cross City Tunnel, Redbank and, more recently, our appointments with Seafolly, Tigerlily, Grocon, Paladin Energy and Altura.

Who are we?

Organisations rely on us to solve their biggest issues and provide stability at the most critical times.

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How we can help

Clients rely on our independence and expertise to provide clarity in critical situations.

Business turnarounds and restructuring

Exploring all avenues for stabilisation, we improve efficiencies in capital structure, resourcing, processes, procedures and controls. We identify opportunities for reducing costs, enhancing productivity and revenue and divesting distressed assets. Where necessary, we help clients manage the sale of the business.


We provide financial and strategic advisory services to clients navigating capital structure challenges. Our senior team has a reputation for independent, creative advice and capital raising solutions that facilitate consensual outcomes and maximise value for all stakeholders.

Independent business review – creditor advisory

We assist creditors to optimise recoveries when affected by borrowers or customers in distressed situations. This often involves advising creditors about identifying and managing risk, protecting their positions and preserving and recovering maximum value in the business and/or its assets. 

Independent business review – debtor advisory

Companies are often confronted with liquidity problems, excessive debt or leverage, underperformance, over-expansion and other business, operational or financial issues. As trusted advisors, or undertaking interim management or board of director roles, we provide financial and operational stabilisation. 

Receiverships, administrations and liquidations

As receivers and managers, we mitigate risks faced by secured lenders. As administrators, we preserve the going concern and maximise value for all stakeholders. As liquidators in solvent and insolvent contexts, we recover value – even when all seems lost. 

Safe harbour

We help clients identify eligibility for safe harbour, develop a comprehensive turnaround plan with clear objectives and milestones and demonstrate the turnaround plan is likely to lead to a better outcome than the immediate appointment of an administrator or liquidator. 

Corporate streamlining

Corporate groups and associations come to us for corporate streamlining services. Clients rely on our extensive experience and specialist insights to help restructure business operations, create efficiencies in corporate groups where dormant subsidiaries are no longer required and to provide stability and clarity during corporate consolidations and M&A activities. 

Our experience

We have been involved in some of the highest-profile matters and are recognised as leading experts in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. To see a small sample of our work, visit our experience page.