We are trusted experts with an esteemed track record of solving complex cases.

We conduct investigations when the commercial stakes are high, the facts are unclear and an acute evidentiary problem needs to be solved.

Our Forensic team includes accountants, investigators, digital experts and data analysts. We help companies sort through digital data, documents and accounts. We help clients to shine a light on crucial information and get to the heart of a pressing problem.


We have extensive experience across multiple industries and jurisdictions, and we deliver a comprehensive suite of investigation and risk management services.

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How we can help

Clients rely on our objective and clear-headed approach to bring structure and direction to what can often be an overwhelming situation.

Employee misconduct

Our experts are positioned to quickly address allegations of improper activity, including misappropriation, forgery or alteration, theft, computer fraud and inappropriate behaviour.
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Financial crime and anti-money laundering

We partner with clients, assisting with compliance reviews and investigations into alleged violations of anti-money laundering legislation and sanctions breaches. See more about our AML and Financial Crime services.
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Fraud and corruption

Our Forensic team supports clients to investigate and quantify suspected fraud and corruption activity ranging from misappropriation of funds to foreign bribery.
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Fund and asset tracing

Where funds and assets have been deliberately concealed, we conduct intelligence gathering and digital forensic investigations to assist tracing funds and/or assets prior to recovery action.
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Regulatory investigations

Responding to the increase in regulatory investigations, KordaMentha provides financial and economic advice to assist clients in navigating the everchanging compliance issues and independently address concerns raised by regulators.
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Our experience

We have been involved in some of the highest profile matters and are recognised as leading experts in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. To see a small sample of our work, visit our experience page.

Collusion and confidentiality breach

KordaMentha was retained to investigate a mining industry claim in excess of $5 million. We interviewed witnesses and suspects in relation to ​alleged collusion with suppliers and release of confidential information to the media. We also performed forensic imaging of computers and detailed analysis of electronic financial information and other material.

We submitted an expert report including quantification of loss. KordaMentha participated in the disciplinary hearings which led to the dismissal of the employees involved and cancellation of onerous contracts with the supplier.