Wednesday, 24 July 2019

In the latest edition of the Australian Restructuring & Turnaround Association (ARITA) Journal, Restructuring Partner Scott Landon, provides some insights into the Voluntary Administration of Rugby WA.

In the article, Scott discusses some of the factors which led to Rugby WA being placed into Voluntary Administration, the key stakeholders involved and the 'bounce out' strategy which was implemented to deliever a positive outcome for Rugby WA and the broader Western Australia community.

It also provides a great example of a Voluntary Administration being used to reenergise an organisation on the brink of collapse, save jobs and provide a foundation for future financial growth.

"The process, while placing rugby in Western Australia in significant uncertainty and jobs at risk, was ultimately the framework we used to bring warring stakeholders together."

Click here to read the article as featured in the ARITA Journal.