Monday, 12 December 2016

The Christmas season is almost upon us. Children around the world will know that this means one thing: Santa!

About 7.6 million children write to Santa from the following countries each year:

These letters are rarely sent before December. So Santa has, at best, a few weeks to read all the letters, make all the toys, write replies, and then deliver the Christmas miracles.

How does Santa have time to do it all?

Some people like to believe that Santa has delegates and elves across the world to help.  However, you still wonder how they could possibly read all those letters and leave enough time to make all the toys.

Maybe Santa uses TAR!  Technology Assisted Review is a form of artificial intelligence. You may think this sounds far-fetched but hear me out! This is how I think it would work:

The process is simple enough but the benefits are huge! No more tired Santa eyes making mistakes and there are big savings in labour costs.

Merry Christmas!