Thursday, 9 January 2020

Andrew and Grant spoke to Lawyers Weekly during Relativity Fest, hosted in Chicago, Illinois, on an episode of The Lawyers Weekly Show podcast. They discussed the need for law firms to better understand how eDiscovery can assist in their daily operations in order to make the most of this technology.

Grant pointed out, “… Basically everyone’s got a cloud strategy at the moment and with the move to a cloud, everybody’s looking at their workflows and their systems. I think most of our clients would suggest that they’re not using the platforms to the extent that they should be, but there’s certainly that desire to improve that. And they’re looking for partners to help them do that as well.”

While barriers to accessing the technology have been reduced, they noted the need for understanding how to utilise the technology to its full capacity to identify what the data can actually show.

Andrew discussed the ability to analyse data for tone and specific key words, thereby creating ‘heat maps’ capable of quickly identifying groups of data to hone in on. He noted, “The next stage for us is visualising that information into a way that’s actually useful for clients. So that’s where I see that’s going to be our roadmap going forward is helping clients understand what the data is telling them.”

Excerpts of the podcast were recently published in Lawyers Weekly online.

A link to the full podcast episode is also available through the Lawyers Weekly website.