Thursday, 10 February 2022

While the role of the chief technology officer has long been considered critical to business, organisations are starting to recognise a different CTO: The chief transformation officer.

Henriette Rothschild recently shared her insights with Velvet-Belle Templeman from Digital Nation about the emergence of the chief transformation officer.

In contrast to linear, task-focused change management roles, the chief transformation offer has emerged as a role encompassing work across multiple functions including marketing, CX, HR, digital and finance.

“In my role as CTO of a global media company, the role provided additional capacity and capability to the executive team. It worked with other executives to drive a complex program of transformation across multiple disciplines including digital, commercial, finance and people." 

"The work incorporated significant financial and commercial analysis and insights, some leadership coaching and, importantly, hands-on implementation support,” said Rothschild.

“When done right, the CTO is a very hands-on role that gets things done in the short term, while bringing a depth of experience and future orientation to the executive table.”

Read the full article as featured in Digital Nation here.


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