Monday, 12 November 2018
Mental, physical and emotional wellbeing are an integral part  of the culture of KordaMentha. Kate Dunne, Executive Director, KordaMentha Restructuring, tells Ben & Co. how the company is continually looking for ways to support the wellbeing of its people and how, with a young son, she is able to better manage the work-life integration. 
Can you describe your role as Executive Director at KordaMentha Restructuring?

The ‘what do you do’ question is an interesting one. Many people think KordaMentha is an insolvency firm, and that is our history, but it’s broader than that. KordaMentha is an investment and advisory firm, providing a range of services across Forensic, Investments, Real Estate, Corporate and Restructuring. Effectively, no matter the industry, we assist our clients with their most challenging situations. As an Executive Director, I am responsible for leading and managing engagements for clients. I am presently managing the asset realisation and resultant litigation of two ASX-listed mining and exploration companies. In addition to my client work, I am responsible for People and Culture in the Sydney office, focusing on training and development programs. 

What does wellbeing mean to you personally?

For me, wellbeing is best described as self-care. Looking after my wellbeing is a constant challenge, and at times I have not done it well. When you’re busy, the first thing you usually sacrifice is self-care, whether that’s time with your family, exercise or just taking a break. This year I’ve decided to put self-care higher up the priority list, getting back into running and joining in some of our great KordaMentha sponsored events, including Tour de Office

Mark Mentha has a great interest in mental health and in the wellbeing of employees, how does this infiltrate the business?

Our engagements are often high intensity and high stakes. Having our people perform at their best means it’s essential to ensure their mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. We have the benefit of an in-house psychologist, Yvonne Willich, who supports all members of the team throughout their careers with KordaMentha, and through the Employee Assistance Program. Yvonne also spends time developing our team in areas such as leading through influence, mindfulness, resilience, having difficult conversations and self-care. In addition, KordaMentha has a flexible work policy, which allows staff to work from home, alter their hours or days of work, and includes the provision of emergency child care. Personally, I have benefited both through reduced work hours to spend more time with my young son, as well as flexible hours to better manage the ‘work-life integration’.


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