Friday, 7 November 2014
With 220 odd steps in total for a full lap, 65 participants endured the heat to raise funds for this good cause. The challenge is to complete as many laps as possible in 30 minutes. This year, Ben Shrimpton was crowned King of the Stairs with 25 laps.

In the words of one of our partners, encouraging those who did not participate in the challenge to sponsor those taking part: “your financial pain is an acceptable proxy for no physical pain”. And to encourage those to test out their physical capacities, some sponsors devised an accelerator formula in which each further lap made raised more than the previous lap. With our combined efforts, NAB and KordaMentha raised over $30,000 for Bear Cottage with hundreds of thousands of steps made in the two 30 minute sessions. 

A special mention goes to Ben Mahler, who took the extreme lengths of promising to shave his head once he hit his fundraising target. And as one would imagine, funds began to flood in once he sent around his email of his intention. With the help of a few colleagues, he shaved his head in the office to increase his aerodynamic advantage. As you would see from the pictures below, some say he resembles Heisenberg from the popular drama series Breaking Bad!