Thursday, 3 August 2023

Kate Conneely and Rahul Goyal of KordaMentha were today appointed as Voluntary Administrators of the R & D consultancy business BourkeHood Pty Ltd, trading as BourkeHood.

The sole director of BourkeHood Pty Ltd made the decision to appoint KordaMentha due to cash flow and other operational issues.

Jason Hood, sole director of BourkeHood Pty Ltd advised, “While this was not an easy decision, it was necessary to address the cash flow challenges we faced in our Australian operations and acknowledge the impact this may have on our clients and employees, and I want to assure them of my commitment to working with the Administrators and exploring the best path forward for everyone.”

Mr Goyal advised “KordaMentha is now in control of BourkeHood in Australia. It does not affect the operations in New Zealand or in the United Kingdom. We are working cooperatively with Jason and management to understand the business, understand the issues and then resolve those issues in due course. We know the uncertainty this creates for clients of BourkeHood and other stakeholders including the ATO, and we will report to all stakeholders as a matter of urgency. We appreciate your patience.”

Mike Smith | [email protected] | 0411 055 306
Rahul Goyal | [email protected] | 0430 348 500