Wednesday, 27 June 2018
KordaMentha Organisational Psychologist Yvonne Willich recently joined TMA NextGen’s panel in Sydney for a discussion on ‘Mental health and high performance in the turnaround industry.'
Yvonne was joined on the panel by Lucy Brogden (National Mental Health Commission), Paul Howes (KPMG), Jono Nicholas ( and Angela Priestley (Women’s Agenda).

The panel spoke openly about mental health, particularly in relation to the turnaround industry, drawing on their personal experience and perspectives to provide an in-depth discussion on mental health.
With mental health impacting everyone at some point, either personally or someone you know, there was a consensus that mental health should be taken seriously and treated early and often, as you would with any other health issue.

The panel also discussed some of the reasons people in professional services firms don’t speak up in spite of growing awareness and acceptance of mental illness. It was acknowledged that the fear of negative career repercussions or being seen as “unable to deal with high level work” prevented many capable people speaking up. Where highly successful people have shared their stories and demonstrated that mental health issues can be managed and do not define them or their professional capability, it provides compelling evidence to counteract these fears.
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