Thursday, 14 April 2022

Tomorrow marks KordaMentha’s 20th anniversary.

Founded on 15 April 2002, on a calculated risk, KordaMentha was driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and a different mindset.

Reflecting on the experience of starting the firm, Mark Mentha commented “It was born out of the relationship [with Mark Korda] that we had for 20 years together at Arthur Andersen… and we thought, ‘I think we can do this. It’s not without risk but let’s have a crack.’

There was lots of uncertainty, but we were confident in our abilities and those of the team we had around us which gave us the confidence that we could do it.

For Mark Korda, there was one specific moment that stood out. “The real rubber hit the road when we had to go down to the banks and mortgage our houses to set up the firm. That’s when we knew we were in business”.

KordaMentha started with with the administration of Ansett Group and a determination to make a positive impact. They committed to solving complex matters while delivering for people and communities, changing how business was done.

“KordaMentha is defined by the human element. Recognising the impact our work can have, making a positive difference in ways that matter to our people, our clients and our communities is at the forefront of everything we do,” said Mark Mentha.

From its successful beginning as a specialist restructuring firm, KordaMentha has since grown and diversified to also offer best-in-class corporate advisory, cybersecurity and technology, forensic, real estate, mergers and acquisitions and capital raising services.

When asked about the future of the firm, Mark Korda commented, “I think we will continue to reinvent the firm. We started as a restructuring firm with 46 people, and now we're a diverse professional services firm with over 350 people. The challenges will always be there, but I think we've got great people and the next 20 years should be even better.”

Visit our KordaMentha 20th anniversary website to hear the firm’s stories – through the eyes of our people, our valued clients and friends.