Thursday, 30 June 2022

Will your cybersecurity expert stand up in court?

Cyber specialist, Brendan Read, was featured in this month’s ACICA Review, discussing the imperative for organisations to engage with cyber professionals whose expertise is commensurate with the ever-increasing sophistication of cyber attacks.

Understanding what to look for when engaging cyber professionals is critical. This is complicated by the fact there is no national standard for cybersecurity expertise. However, as Brendan highlights, organisations can home in on some key areas to identify the best professionals for their needs.

The investigative mindset, clear and effective communication and the acumen required to handle highly sensitive data are examples of the truly qualified and highly experienced cyber professionals’ tools.
Brendan highlights the importance of your expert’s clear and delineated methodology in collecting, processing, storing and analysing the evidence to ensure it is admissible should a cyber incident proceed to litigation. He also explains how the “…shortcomings of an inexperienced cyber expert often become apparent once the matter proceeds to court, exposing haphazard data collection methods, incomplete notetaking, crucial evidence missed and the inability to adequately justify the approach.”

You can read the full article here, as published in the Australian Centre for International Arbitration’s ACICA Review.