Friday, 14 September 2018

Headwinds are expected to continue to be faced by the retail industry over the coming year.

Respondents in the annual TMA Survey, conducted by KordaMentha Corporate, overwhelmingly expected conditions to continue to decline in the industry which has seen the failure of marquee brands including Toys R’Us, Topshop and Pumpkin Patch in recent times. The introduction of Amazon, changing customer preferences and high rents are called out as the main reasons for distress. The impact is also yet to be seen from new accounting rules which will force large retailers to carry operating leases as liabilities, significantly changing the composition of their balance sheets from January 2019.

2018 is KordaMentha's eighth survey, which features both the current trends in business turnarounds, and an outlook towards 2019.

The summary results cover the following topics:

 Australia’s turnaround environment, including:
  • Industry outlook
  • Turnaround funding
  • Impact of industry reforms and other macroeconomic factors.
 Details of turnaround case studies, including:
  • Causes of distress
  • Operational solutions
  • Turnaround leadership attributes.
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