Thursday, 18 November 2021

As cyber incidents continue to evolve, sourcing commensurate cybersecurity expertise is critical.

Brendan Read recently shared his insights with the Australian Information Security Association into how critical the choice of cybersecurity expert can be.

Enhanced reporting obligations and increased regulatory pressure has placed additional responsibility on companies and directors when it comes to cybersecurity. There is also no doubt that the sophistication of cyber attacks has intensified.

In the article, Brendan highlights the subsequent increase in demand for experts who can, “…bring the threat to heel, document the exfiltration competently, mitigate impacts and appear as a reliable expert witness in court, if need be.”

Brendan discusses the imperative for cyber professionals to gather evidence, produce reports and provide witness testimony that will stand up to scrutiny. An investigative mindset, clear methodology and repeatable analysis are all crucial elements of a robust cyber incident response. The sensitive nature of these incidents and the data involved also warrants a highly qualified and experienced professional.

When required to give evidence in court, your expert’s ability to communicate cannot be overlooked. “If cyber experts fail to articulate their work and explain the decision-making process, then the court will struggle to understand the methodology and the evidence will be deemed inadmissible.”

Click here to read the original article, as published by the Australian Information Security Association.